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Welcome to Fencing Yakima Wa! Yakima is a great place to live. If you own a home or business, that can be a lot of advantages to adding a fence to your property. 

Privacy – Privacy is something that is desired, especially in residential applications. A fence can provide privacy and we have many different fence products and styles that can increase the privacy at your property. 

Security – Security is another benefit of owning a fence. Commercial and residential properties alike can benefit from the security a fence brings.

Increased value – Fences also add lots of value to a property. They can add beauty and there is a lot of value in the privacy and security aspects fences can bring.

Our Mission

Some people find us by searching “fence companies near me”  or “fencing companies Yakima Wa“, but most of our customers are the family, friends, and neighbors referred to us be our past customers!

Our mission is to be the best fence company in Yakima. We strive to have outstanding customer service, build amazing well built fences, and make sure our customers are satisfied with our work.

Yakima Fence Company Services

We have many different fence products and services for any commercial or residential needs. We install or repair nearly all different fence materials and styles such as: split rail fencing, vinyl fences, wood fences, wood gates, security gates, custom gates, chain link fencing, black chain link fences, privacy fences, cattle facing, horse fencing, aluminum fencing, wrought iron fencing, metal fencing, pool fences, and more! Below are the main services that we provide:

Vinyl fencing Yakima Wa

Vinyl fences are very durable and have little maintenance that is required for longevity. Vinyl fencing is very popular in Yakima because it comes in many different colors and styles and increases property value, while adding privacy and security.

chain link fence yakima wa

Chain link fencing Yakima is the most popular and affordable fence type in Yakima. Chain link fence installation is great for adding security while still maintain visibility. It also comes in many different colors as well. Contact us for chain link fence cost.

wood fencing yakima

Wood fences are great for adding privacy and security and is usually installed in neighborhoods with lots of homes. Wooden fences are affordable and are very customizable. Wooden fencing is a great alternative because it is friendly on the budget but also looks great in residential areas.

Ornamental Fencing

Ornamental fencing is great if you want the look and feel of a wrought iron fence. Usually made of aluminum, ornamental fences are appealing and provide great security. If you are looking for a fence that provides great curb appeal as well as efficient security, a metal ornmantal fence may be for you.

Fence Repair Yakima Wa

Sometimes fences get damaged and need repaired. It may not make sense to completely replace your whole fence when fixing your fence might get the job done and save money in the process. Call us today so we can help you determine the cost of your fence repair!

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Yakima Fence Companies Characteristics

It’s important to hire a fence company that has specific characteristics so that you know you are getting a fence that is done right and from a reputable company. Fence companies Yakima should follow specific standards if you want to ensure you get a well-built fence at your home or business.

Free Estimates

Most fence companies in Yakima should always provide free estimates to any potential fence project. We definitely do. Whether it’s for a new fence, to replace and existing fence, or for fence repair services, we always provide free estimates so you know what it will cost and so you can also see that we are professional fence installation contractors. If you are looking for fencing in Yakima, you definitely want to be prepared with the right information before you spend the money. 

Licensed Bonded & Insured

Fence contractors should be licensed bonded and insured so that you have peace of mind knowing that your fence is getting built by a professional and that you are protected in case something unexpected happens on your property. Whether it’s a privacy fence Yakima, a simple fence repair, or a large fence project, hiring a professional fence company with all of the right licenses and insurance for your next fence Yakima is very important.

Locally Operated, Locally Owned

Hire a fence company that is local and knows the community. Our fence contractors are located in Yakima and are locally owned operated. We are the top fencing contractors Yakima in the region, and we know the community very well.


You want a fence that is well built and will last a long time on your property. Our fence builders Yakima install fences with very high craftsmanship. Our fences are installed very well and last many years because of our expert fence contractors. 

High Quality Fence Materials

High-quality materials will help a fence last longer with lower maintenance required. We get our fence materials from a reputable fence supplier and we only get the best fence materials to use on your installation. This ensures that your fence will last longer and delay unwanted fence repairs as they arise. 


Our manufacturers have a warranty against any fence defects of the products we install at your property. We also stand by our work and if you aren’t satisfied or something went wrong with the installation, we will do everything we can to fix the issue at no extra cost.

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About Yakima Washington

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Fence Installation Yakima FAQs

What is the timeline for a fence installation?

The whole process takes roughly 2-4 weeks (maybe longer depending on how busy we are). But the actual installation once the materials are delivered takes 2-7 days, weather permitting. The entire process follows the following steps:

Step 1 – Get YOur Free Fence Quote

First thing you want to do is search for a “fencing contractors near me”. We should be one of the top companies that you find. We will come over to see what you need at your business or home and determine the needs of your project. Once we get all of the details, we will write up a custom fence bid that will provide the itemized costs of everything you need.

Step 2 – Order Materials and SCHEDULE YOUR FENCE Installation

Second step is to order your fence materials. We use a reputable fence supplier for the best products in the area so you know that the products are built very well and you are getting the top of the line. Once the materials are ordered, we will then schedule your fence installation for the first part of your fence, the fence posts. Depending on how large your project is or if you ordered any custom fences or gates will determine how quickly we can start building your fence at your property. Weather and time of year may play a part in how well we can stick to the date of our scheduled installation, but we typically are on schedule.

Step 3 – Once materials are delivered, we begin INSTALLING YOUR FENCE

Once the fencing is delivered, we will start the installation. We start with the fence posts first as those are the main structure for your fence. The fence most are the most important piece and we also set the posts in concrete so maintain strength of the fence for years. We know that you want to have a fence for as long as possible so making sure the fence posts are installed correctly is vital to the longevity of your fence. Once the fence posts are set, we will then install the top and bottom rails and then install the rest of the fence panels or planks. Every style is a little bit different but follows this general installation process. 

What is the best fencing material?

No fence material is best. It all depends on your wants and needs that determine which fence material / product should be installed at your property. We install many different materials such as: aluminum, wood, wrought iron, steel, galvanized, vinyl, and some other various materials for other unique fence projects. We can help you determine which fence material is best for you depending on the needs and purpose of your fence and your budget. Some fence styles are more affordable than others. 

How much is a fence?

Fence costs are dependent on several factors, the most important ones to consider for accurate fence installation costs include the type of fence product, linear feet needs, number of gates, fence height, and lots more. Call us to get a free quote to find out how much it will cost you!

Are you the top fence contractor near me?

Definitely. We aspire to be the best in the area because we know how hard it is to find an affordable and professional fence company for such a big project. Fences are meant to be installed at a property to last for many years so it’s important to find a company that will provide quality service as well as be able to build a fence with high craftsmanship and professionalism. Contact our fencing company Yakima was today!

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